About Us

We are a team of experienced, energetic  as well as committed specialists and enthusiasts, who closely watch and examine cryptocurrency markets. It allows for quick and creative exploitation of the gathered data, which is necessary in order to efficiently and effectively react to changes on the market.

PrimeStone brings together professionals specialising in different areas. However, this colourful mixture ensures the existence as well as smooth operation of the Project. The group consists of: programmers, graphic designers, translators, marketers, Project Managers as well as analysts. Regardless of what we do every day, here we are a close-knit team. A multiprofessional team that cares about high quality and solutions based on competence and innovation.

We all work together, share our ideas and seek out innovations, constantly opening ourselves to new knowledge. At the same time, our team is continuously developing, and looking for opportunities offered by new technologies. We are pleased that the amount of knowledge gathered ensures an efficient and successful implementation of the Project.

PrimeStone creates innovative solutions which will enable you to enter the world of virtual money and ( in the near future) generate your own cryptocurrency, but also create your own ICO. PrimeStone team by combining passion, dedication and professional work methods, is prepared to tackle even the most demanding tasks. We focus on quality and creativity; that is why we always take care of  in-depth analyses, studies, tests as well as the highest standards of the project management processes. We are proud to admit that all our up-to-date achievements help us to take on new challenges and motivate the whole team to work.

PrimeStone is people – each of us puts a piece of themselves in the Project.

Krzysztof Bielicki is responsible for managing and coordinating the team’s activities.

He is a Computer Engineer, Master of Management and a graduate of the MBA program. So far responsible for the management of IT and infrastructure projects – most of them exceeding of the value of one million euro. Furthermore,  in his career he was also responsible for the IT department management. He says about himself:

“I’ve been successfully using the obtained knowledge in my work. However, not only professional education and vast experience are helping to carry out projects. It is also enormously significant to be patient and persistent. In PrimeStone I am responsible for the building of single concepts and  long-term strategies as well as the implementation of the project. What is more, I can easily cope with stress and work productively under time pressure.

Stress is basically inevitable at work, and the manager is the one who always needs to remain calm and neutral, equally treating all team members. That is the reason why I consider my unique ability to insert a  peaceful atmosphere into the team as useful.

Of course, I believe in life after work. However, my interests closely interact with my professional life. I am interested in  stock exchange, automotive and technological novelties from the world.

Is there any recipe for success? Keep your confidence high however it must be backed up by not only knowledge and experience, but also specific action! Well, now you can really get started.”

Welcome to the world of PrimeStone.