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PrimeStone is a multifunctional and well-protected digital currency that guarantees quick and smooth transactions.

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A platform enlarging knowledge about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

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PrimeStone addresses increasingly high expectations and needs of diverse global users.

Coin NamePrimeStone


Mining AlgorithmX11

Total Coin Supply60,000,000

Min Transaction Fee0.00001

Block Time90 seconds

Pre-Mine500 000 PSC

The country of originPoland

FeaturesSegWit, Replay Protection, Unique Address Format, Zero Knowledge Proof, Lightning Network

High-performance Engine

The trading system has adopted the hardware-accelerated and highly-efficient memory matching technology, whose the order-making peak value is 2 million+/second, and the order-processing peak value is 1 million+/second.


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A roadmap presents the stages of the work. All enlisted actions associated with the project are necessary to facilitate the successful completion of the whole undertaking.
  1. The birth of the PrimeStone concept

    From the outset of the idea, the project is developing rapidly and dynamically.

  2. The team of specialists is put together

    We set up an interdisciplinary team, comprising highly qualified professionals who are so crucial to the existence and success of the project.

  3. Brainstorming and ideas development

    The process of creating project ideas and their further development is a vital part of the issues concerning the future project implementation.

  4. The project plan and strategies development

    At this stage the most important aspect is to clearly define the project plan, schedule, the budget and the payment schedule are established.

  5. Preliminary works on Cryptocurrency

    At this stage the characteristics of the PrimeStone Cryptocurrency are established.

  6. The start of the PrimeStone Cryptocurrency development phase

    At this stage, the team focuses on the creation of the PrimeStone Cryptocurrency

  7. The start of the PrimeStone Wallet development phase

    The next step is the development of a special software for Windows and Linux.

  8. The start of the mining software development phase

    The team focuses on the creation of the Mining software is what helps users connect their mining hardware to a mining pool and the network.

  9. The completion of the PrimeStone Cryptocurrency development phase

    At this point, the works on the currency are completed.

  10. The completion of the PrimeStone Wallet development phase

    At this point a software application - commonly known as Wallet - is created.

  11. Servers and domains purchase

    Purchase and maintenance of domains and space on servers, since this is necessary for achieving the required results, i.e. further development of the project.

  12. Ongoing works

    Maintenance of servers,modernisation works, systems updates are performed regularly throughout the project duration.

  13. The completion of the PrimeStone mining software development phase

    The works on mining software and mining pools are completed

  14. The PrimeStone Cryptocurrency release

  15. Adding the PrimeStone to cryptocurrency exchanges

  16. The start of the PrimeStone Platform development phase

    The team starts working on the creation of the PrimeStone Platform enabling new cryptocurrencies development.

  17. The start of the ICO Platform development phase

  18. The completion of the PrimeStone Platform development phase

    PrimeStone introduces this intuitive and easy-to-use tool enabling new cryptocurrencies creation.

  19. The completion of the ICO Platform development phase


We are proud to introduce you our prime project. We have created a multifunctional and well-protected cryptocurrency. However, PrimeStone goes beyond the issue of purchasing coins. We are working on a unique platform enabling one to create their own digital currency. PrimeStone - make it your sound investment.


Without wallets, cryptocurrencies would be just another idea dead in the water. Like in real life, your wallet must be secured.The PrimeStone Wallet provides very high levels of security. Furthermore, our wallet also serves as mining software. Download your wallet and enjoy to enjoy the unlimited world of the PrimeStone Currency.


The PrimeStone Block Explorer is a web tool that provides real-time information on the currency. It allows users a continuously updating view of activities on the blockchain. Here you can find detailed information concerning blocks, addresses, and transactions


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