PrimeStone Platform

A new cryptocurrency can be created at any time. Then virtual coins are acquired each minute by users from around the world. However, numerous holders would also like to create their own digital currency, but most of them have no idea how to do it. In other cases they just do not have any programming skills or IT knowledge.

Further steps are needed to adequately address this challenge and that is what PrimeStone team has done!

Users do not have to be limited to purchasing and possessing coins. Besides being the owner of some coins, you may become the owner of your own cryptocurrency. What is more, you can create it. Surprised? At least a little bit?

PrimeStone team has delivered new solutions and opportunities by creating an intuitive and easy-to-use tool available to all users upon payment. PrimeStone introduces the Platform enlarging knowledge about cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology.

First of all, PrimeStone Platform enables you to create your own digital currency – easily and quickly, without a need to be an IT specialist or without any programming knowledge. Secondly, the platform is based on the original cryptocurrency, created in the first phase of the project.

PrimeStone Platform makes it possible to become a creator and, at the same time, an owner of a new digital currency, which is based on PrimeStone Cryptocurrency code.

The Platform allows users to create codes for a digital currency and wallet. It is probable that codes for mining and mines will exist as well. It must be stressed that only PrimeStone gives you the possibility to develop cryptocurrencies generated out of source code. What is significant for various user from around the world, to create source code of a new digital currency on PrimeStone Platform no IT knowledge and programming skills are necessary. The whole, described above, process is possible  as a consequence of the PrimeStone Platform creation. The Platform that enables users to work on an intuitive as well as interactive system in a user-friendly form. Furthermore, a discussed Platform demands little of teaching time to be able to fully benefit from the possibilities it provides. To be precise, users must enter only basic data into the system. The rest is automatically generated and then transmitted to a user.

And if it happens users cannot overcome some obstacles on the platform, PrimeStone provides assistance. Prime specialists are  ready to provide assistance to users anytime.

PrimeStone teams strongly believes that a discussed Platform will help to create diamonds that will substantially contribute to the cryptocurrency and blockchain development.