What is PrimeStone

The PrimeStone Project has been established to develop and popularise
the Blockchain Technology as well as the use of cryptocurrencies.

The team focuses on advanced solutions. We strongly believe that the future technical growth will increasingly come from innovation breakthroughs. PrimeStone aims to develop an innovation-friendly and sustainable ecosystem that will enable bridging the gap between the newest technologies and the real world.

Implementation of the project’s first stage has resulted in the PrimeStone Coin (PSC) development. The second step covers the New Coin Platform creation, the tool enabling new digital currencies development. After that, the team will undertake work on the ICO Platform, allowing users to create their own ICO campaigns. During another phase the platform popularising the commercial use of the Blockchain Technology will be developed. The fifth element of the ecosystem will be the cryptocurrency exchange (KABBERRY). During the last phase of the project, the mobile wallet enabling crypto payments in the real world will be created.

All the solutions introduced by the PrimeStone Team will allow maximum utilization and popularization of the Blockchain Technology not only among diversified economic entities but also among single users.

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This medium of exchange ensures a high level of security as well as smooth and cheap transactions.



The PrimeStone Coin (PSC) undergone SWAP 1:1 in January 2019. Thereafter the PrimeStone Coin has applied the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) protocol. What is more, PSC remains a MasterNode coin, but currently the MN collateral has increased to 10.000 PSC. PoS users, so-called “stakers”, as well as MasterNode owners obtain rewards clearly defined by the Reward Plan (available in the “PrimeStone WhitePaper ver. 2.0” file). Staking rewards depend on the number of coins any user stake as well as the duration of the hold.

To protect the best interests, comfort and safety of our users, the PrimeStone Team has implemented some significant features, such as Unique Address Format, SegWit, Replay Protection, Zero Knowledge Proof, etc. Furthermore, PrimeStone has released a set of new wallets adapted to the new PSC version.




Current Versions:





Mobile App

Mobile wallets allow users to receive or spend the cryptocurrency by using Android mobile devices.


Have your PSC always with you, in your pocket! You can receive payments reliably and instantly with the use of PrimeStone Mobile Wallets. Powerful, transparent and easy to use PSC wallets allow users to easily control their own funds whenever they wish.

You obtain the financial privacy and autonomy with PSC mobile wallets prepared in a user-friendly form. No third party can access your money or data. The PrimeStone Team focuses on delivering an amazing user experience and the highest level of security.

Join today and enjoy the PSC app in your own mobile device!

  • Easily accessible
  • Increases the transparency of the system
  • Improves user comfort


PrimeStone Platforms disseminate knowledge as well as
a better understanding of the Blockchain Technology and the cryptocurrency market.

New Coin Platform

The platform enabling each user to create their own digital currency without any programming skills. The New Coin Platform is an intuitive and user-friendly tool that generates new cryptocurrencies based on the PrimeStone source code. Furthermore, to make use of this platform users do not need to be an IT or programming specialist. It is an innovative and perfect solution . For the first time in history, IT knowledge is not required to enter the world of digital currencies not only as a hodler but also as an owner of a digital currency.



The ICO Platform will enable users to create their own ICO campaign. The PrimeStone team has developed an innovative solution that protects both parties of a transaction - investors and entrepreneurs. So far, platforms have been defending only the interests of entrepreneurs while neglecting investors. PrimeStone focuses on all users and provides the solution which is profitable and satisfactory for both parties.


Blockchain Platform

The platform will contribute to the development of the Blockchain Technology. The team’s aim is to create the tool that will allow broad dissemination of the Blockchain among various businesses. The platform can be used by every individual or entity that would like to get the most out of the latest technologies, making you more productive and competitive.  What is more, the platform may become perceived as an opportunity to enhance efficiency and the quality of their services or products. The main objective of the platform is to allow each economic entity to exploit the Blockchain for the needs of businesses. At the same time, users - mentioned entities - can demonstrate their potential and also contribute to the growth of this technology. In general, the Blockchain Platform will popularise commercial usage of the Blockchain Technology.


Mobile Payments

Unique solutions for non-standard payment methods.


In order to ensure the completeness of services offered by PrimeStone, the team has decided to develop the cryptocurrency exchange - presented under the name KABBERRY.

PrimeStone aims to create an intuitive and user-friendly cryptocurrency exchange that will  ensure attractive and clear transaction fees. What is more, KABBERRY will be also correlated with the Mobile Payment System. The team has decided to implement a few solutions significantly increasing the level of security. The chosen solutions are designed to ensure customer satisfaction and safety.



The new application for mobile devices with Android and iOS systems. This system will allow crypto payments in the real world. The Mobile Payment System will revolutionize the cryptocurrencies market and, at the same time, become the bridge between reality and the virtual world.

With the use of the Mobile Payment System, transactions will be executed by means of mobile telephones as well as currently used payment terminals. The application will convert the value of FIAT currencies into cryptocurrencies (and vice versa) in real time. During conversion processes, the payment system will make use of KABBERRY and additional crypto exchanges with the highest trade volume.



In the cryptocurrency space, the PrimeStone Whitepaper is the document presented with the intention of informing
and encouraging investors to participate in the project.


Read Whitepaper

The PrimeStone Whitepaper contains more technical and in-depth discussions on the project that the team has been building. The document includes information regarding the consensus algorithm the project decides to use, the security systems applied, how the nodes that operate on the project’s platforms would function, legal issues regarding the project, as well as the specification of the cryptocurrency system, etc.


Implementation Sheet

The PrimeStone Project was established in 2017 to develop and popularise the Blockchain Technology. The roadmap consists of a detailed list of goals, which have been already successfully implemented, as well as those that will be completed in the future.

November 2016
The birth of
the PrimeStone concept
January 2017
The team of specialists
is put together
January 2017
Brainstorming and ideas development
March 2017
The project plan and strategies development
April 2017
Preliminary works on Cryptocurrency
March 2018
The completion of the PrimeStone Cryptocurrency development phase
March 2018
The completion of the PrimeStone Wallet development phase
March 2018
Servers and domains purchase.
April 2018
The completion of the PrimeStone mining software development phase
April 2018
The PrimeStone Cryptocurrency release
May 2018
Adding PSC to exchanges
May 2018
Making wallets available (Windows, Linux)
June 2018
Completion of works on wallets (Android oraz MacOS)
September 2018
Start of work on changes in PSC source code
October 2018
Start of work on the ICO Platform
December 2018
Completion of works on PSC based on the Quark Algorithm
January 2019
February 2019
Launch of a marketing campaign aimed at Asian markets Live Now
March 2019
Beginning of the phase of submitting PSC notifications to new exchanges and industry portals Live Now
July 2019
Start of work on the PrimeStone cryptocurrency exchange - Kabberry
November 2019
Completion of works on the New Coin Platform
December 2019
Completion of works on the ICO Platform
December 2019
Start of work on the mobile payment wallet
Q1 2020
The purchase of equipment and software for the needs of Kabberry
Q1 2020
Start of work work on obtaining all permits and documentation necessary to provide payment services
Q2 2020
Code analysis and penetration tests
Q2 2020
Purchase of hardware and software for the mobile payment wallet
Q3 2020
Completion of works on the cryptocurrency exchange - Kabberry
Q4 2020
Code audit and penetration tests of the wallet for mobile payments
Q1 2021
Completion of works on the mobile payment wallet


The most enduring and fundamental factor for competitiveness of PrimeStone
lies in its powerful team, which ensures a world-class stability and service quality.


Creative and
Dedicated People


Areas of Expertise


Years of Professional Experience

Co-Funder & CEO
Paulina Ozga
Co-Funder & CMO
Evgeniy Skakun
Administrator & Helpdesk


Solutions Advisor
Team User


The compilation of questions and answers known as a "FAQ list".

Yes, it is. The PSC code is available on our github: https://github.com/Primestonecoin
No, all coins (7.5 million) mined in the Genesis Block are required for the exchange of coins during the swap process.
The team holds 500.000 PSC which were mined during the actual premining.
You can contact us via email ( [email protected]) or through any of our social media channels – particularly
Discord (https://discord.gg/YSeDX8W) and
Telegram (https://t.me/PrimeStone_Coin).
PrimeStone, as well as its co-founders, comes from Poland. However we are the international team.
Yes, it is available in the whitepaper file, which is published on the official PrimeStone website.
Yes, the valid reward plan is available in the whitepaper file, which is published on the official PrimeStone website. The reward plan includes the division into PoS and MN rewards.
A MasterNode setup guide is available on the official PrimeStone website, in the Documentation section.
The necessary MasterNode collateral is 10.000 PSC.
At least 65 confirmations are needed to activate Proof-of-Stake.
There is no set answer. It depends on a few factors: the number of active stakers, the amount of coins you stake as well as the duration of hold.
There will be much more stakers than active MasterNodes, so rewards obtained from PoS will come less frequently. Although, MN rewards are lower they will be received more often than those rewards got by stakers.
PSC can be purchased on cryptocurrency exchanges. The names of exchanges PSC is currently listed on are available on the official PrimeStone website, in the Exchanges section.
This issue is still during the verification process, because of legal aspects. It must be taken under consideration that each country has its own, specific legal regulations that may prohibit the implementation of this solution.
Mobile crypto payments will be possible in shops accepting contactless payments.
ees will be settled at a minimum level. However, exact amounts have not been defined yet. This issue is still during the verification process.


Have questions? We’re happy to help.